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Student pilots really get the “fire hose” treatment when they start flight training, trying to ingest massive amounts of brand new information and trying to fly an airplane at the same time- it’s too much! No wonder that the national average is 65-80 hours to get your rating, and every hour in the airplane represents a big chunk of your cash. Now imagine that your first lesson was in a full-motion simulator, instead of the airplane. In the sim, you can repeat the same tasks over and over until they become routine, at half the cost of the plane, and when you consider that one hour in the sim can be worth three in the airplane, the savings in time and money are tremendous.

Here at CRAFT, a student pilot can learn the maneuvers in the sim first, from takeoffs to landings, and everything else in between. Slow flight, steep turns, stalls, s-turns across a road, turns about a point, short and soft-field takeoffs and landings, in all winds and weather conditions- the only limit is your instructor’s imagination. Learn in the sim, practice in the plane, and acquire your ticket in less time, for less money, and be a better pilot as well!

FMX Redbird Pitch Yaw Roll

image credit from Redbird’s FMX Features

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