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Getting your IFR ticket is the next logical step for a pilot, and also incredibly valuable. An IFR pilot flies to higher standards and your Instrument Rating may be the difference between flying, and waiting on the ground for weather to improve. At CRAFT, you can log 50% of your required training time (20 hours) in our full-motion simulator, and the simulator is quality training. In the airplane, you will find yourself training “under the hood” and the actual number of approaches you can fly will be limited by availability and ATC workload, not to mention the time it will take you to start up, taxi out, and transition to your approach target, and by time, we mean money.

At CRAFT, you can instantly be transported to the airport you want to practice at – ATC won’t be too busy, or vector you around the sky to fit you in with other traffic. Your instructor can move you back to the same location over and over until you have mastered that particular part of the approach, and it’s all in virtual instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) – no peeking! Our simulator will force you to develop good scanning techniques, and with our block time rates, at a third of the cost of a rental airplane.

In fact, the FAA has approved our simulator for an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC), with the exception of the circling approach and the actual landing. That means you can do the bulk of the IPC in the simulator, then go out the airplane, make one approach back to the airport, land, and you’re done! See what Rod Machado has to say about the simulator and IFR Training.


Required Training

can be accomplished in our full-motion simulator!

But the value of the simulator doesn’t stop there

As an Instrument-rated pilot, there are recency requirements to stay current, which can also be done at CRAFT. In one hour, you can do multiple approaches and holds, at any airport in the world, and in any kind of weather.

So whether you are planning on getting your Instrument rating, or already have one and just want to stay current, CRAFT is your best choice- better training at half the price! For more information, go to: IFR6

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