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CRAFT is happy to announce that we have been chosen as a Redbird Flying Challenge Cup site. This new Redbird product will be officially started on April 1st. Never heard of it? This is how Redbird describes it:

“We create three interactive flying challenges and download them to Redbird simulators around the world. You go to one of these sims, log into your personal account, and fly them. If you rock the house, you’ll get a high score and bragging rights with anyone who will listen. If your first attempt exhibits the skill of an inebriated kangaroo, no one will witness your shame. Not even an instructor; the challenges are flown solo on the simulator.

“But you get more than one chance to prove you’re Top Gun. In fact, every challenge has training built in. Each one includes training video and live, computer-based instruction to help you get a better score. So anyone—and we mean anyone, even if they have no flight experience— can move from marsupial to master pilot if they keep at it.

How does it work after I log in?

“You’ll get to pick from one of three challenges after you log on. Each challenge has three parts:
An introductory video, a training version, and a scoring-only version. We strongly recommend
you watch the videos to see what the challenge will look like and how best to fly it. These
videos will be available in the simulator for those who habitually prepare at the last minute, but
it might be better to view it at your leisure on the Flying Challenge website.

“You must fly the training version of a challenge at least once. This version provides some
guidance and feedback for the experience, as well as scores your performance. You may fly it
more than once. In fact, this is recommended. But once you’ve flown it once, the scoring-only
version will be available.

“The scoring-only version starts with exactly the same conditions as the training version, except
that your only guidance is a prompt telling you to begin and to review your score at the end.
On subsequent visits to the simulator, even at a different location, you can log in and go
straight to the scoring-only version of that challenge, or go back to the video or training version
as you wish.

What are the three challenge topics?

“This year the three challenges are Precision Landings, Steep Turns and Lazy Eights.
Precision Landings starts you on extended final to Lihue, Hawaii. Your objective is to place your
main gear as gently as possible on the green landing target, on the runway centerline, and with
the right landing attitude—otherwise known as a good landing. We’ll help you get the right
picture and understand a stabilized approach with the training session. The challenge session
just gives you the target and your score at the end.

“Steep Turns starts you in the air heading toward the vehicle assembly building at Cape
Canaveral. (We removed the F-16s that would escort you out of the airspace if you did this for
real.) The training section shows you the secret spot to watch for mastering a steep turn
without instruments, and offers a bunch of helpful hints as you fly. The challenge version only
tells you when to start. Like a grumpy checkride examiner, we expect that you can do a steep
turn in both directions.

“Lazy Eights is a commercial maneuver that people routinely screw up because they don’t know
what they’re really supposed to do. We explain it the right way in the video and training
section. The training gives you three tries with progressively less guidance. The challenge shows
you where to start and helps with orientation a bit because that can be an added burden in the
sim even more than in the real airplane. You must fly the full eight (both a right and left turn) to
get a score.”

So it’s fun and good training, but you can also compete as well- the grand prize includes an all-expense paid trip to Oshkosh this summer, including round-trip tickets.  Sign-up is free and you will receive a coupon that will give you the first half hour in the sim for only $15. Once you check out the website and see the video, I think you will agree with me- this looks like fun!

You can check it out here– it would be great to see some finalists from CRAFT competing in Oshkosh!

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