ExpressJet Airlines and CRAFT

CRAFT is very happy to announce that we have been chosen by ExpressJet Airlines to be a member of their Preferred School Partnership.

ExpressJet’s Preferred School Program, more commonly known as PSP, provides a clear path for students from partner schools to go from the training environment, to the right seat at ExpressJet, which then opens doors to additional career progression should the student seek it. ExpressJet is the only regional airline that offers career pathways to United Airlines and JetBlue Airways.

Through this preferred school agreement, a student who completes flight training at a partner school will receive a guaranteed, early interview at ExpressJet. The program is designed to provide future employment opportunities for graduates of the CRAFT program, and to build a hiring pool of pilots for ExpressJet.

Upon successful completion of the interview, the student will be offered a conditional offer of employment with ExpressJet. They would continue to flight instruct as a Certified Flight Instructor for CRAFT until they meet the required hours to be hired at ExpressJet.

If your goal is the airlines, CRAFT, in conjunction with ExpressJet Airlines, is your pathway. Please contact CRAFT at 843-696-9696 if you have questions. You can enroll in the program here.

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