move 1CRAFT is moving- not our idea or choice, but Atlantic is remodeling and our office will be an executive conference room and so we have to go, along with everyone else. We have been hunting for a good office location and thought we were going to go off-airport until the new hangar was built.

Instead, we discovered a location right here at Atlantic- only 250 feet down the sidewalk, about 50% larger than what we have now, with private bathrooms. Redbird will be arriving April 25 to dismantle, move, and re-assemble the simulator, which will be a two day process, and then we will take a day to set up the rest of the office, so CRAFT will be closed April 25-28.

Our address will be the same except the Suite number: we’ll ┬ánow be in Suite 109 instead of 101. We won’t have all the windows we have now but the extra room may allow us to set some space aside for Instructors to use with their students. Otherwise, all will remain the same, only larger!

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