craftmove1The move is finally complete- CRAFT is now in Suite 109, and as much as we enjoyed our previous spot, this one is even better.

First of all, it’s bigger, and we have used the extra space to create a couple of briefing areas for the students and CFIs to get away from everyone else. There is a separate desk for scheduling, flight planning, and checking the weather, better parking, private bathrooms, and easier access to the “Nest”, where our airplanes are parked.

Our Pilot Shop items are all in one spot, and we have made some improvements on the sim- all the belts were replaced, everything was recalibrated, and the old interior red carpeting has been replaced with a black vinyl floor that promises to wear much better.

Disadvantages? A longer walk for those cookies, but then again, the walk might be good for you after eating those cookies. Win, win.

Come check us out- same address, but the first building on the right after you make that left turn at the stop sign. They won’t let us put a sign on the building, so it’ll be on the door.

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