Runways and Radios

Runways and Radios One of the biggest fears that new pilots have is talking on the radio.  I did the vast majority of my flight training at Mt. Pleasant Airport- LRO now but previously 8S5, or East Cooper Airport, a small aerodrome with an FBO and single CTAF, so I...

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Flying To Nowhere Redux part 3

Flying To Nowhere Redux Part 3 My final leg on this slightly windy winter day was a turn north to Hampton-Varnville (3J0), and I decided to forego the bumps and climb above the scattered clouds where the air was smooth. This trip would be just under 23 miles so I...

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CRAFT Hall of Fame

CRAFT Hall of Fame We are very proud of our students and their aviation accomplishments, which is why we are constantly updating our Hall of Fame on our CRAFT website. If you have soloed or obtained a rating here at CRAFT, you can find your name and the date of your...

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CRAFT Partners With ExpressJet Airlines

ExpressJet Airlines and CRAFT CRAFT is very happy to announce that we have been chosen by ExpressJet Airlines to be a member of their Preferred School Partnership. ExpressJet’s Preferred School Program, more commonly known as PSP, provides a clear path for students...

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Flying To Nowhere Redux Part 2

I had figured that the short hop to Ridgeland Airport  (3J1) could be done at 2000 feet. That turned out to be a choppy altitude and as I bounced around, I eyed the scattered clouds just above me. I figured 3000 would put me just over those puffs and into the glassy...

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Flying To Nowhere Redux Part 1

In January of 2016, I had decided to take a VFR flight without any real destination in mind and just fly for the sheer pleasure of flight. I had flown north then west, visiting several airports I had never flown to before, and as a bonus, learning a little local...

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